Alabama Democratic Conference was the place where individuals can find out the latest news regarding the political community of Alabama. Every article on this website was intended to pose ardent questions about the political life of the community, and what was or was not being done for this community. This website offered information about the different happenings from a political point of view in Alabama, but it also gave normal people the opportunity to get involved. The conference was established in 1960 by black individuals, and it kept defending the rights of African-Americans in Alabama ever since then.

The conference's work is much dedicated to the situation of the political representation of the African-American people in America. One of their recent articles poses a simple question and yet one difficult to answer and that is, why are there so few black women politicians? They claim that black women who want to run for elective office must be fearless if they want to achieve their goals. For one reason or another, it is difficult enough for women to run for elective offices, but it seems that for black women this is even harder. President Barack Obama has however committed to solve the issues of inequality, in particular in what concerns Birmingham plumbers, women in general and black women in particular.

The website of the conference also gave the readers the opportunity to find interesting articles related to the doings of the conference. There were several links to other important news from around America, and in which members of the African-American community played an important part. One may have read anything they were interested in with regards to the political and social aspect of the afro-American community in Alabama, but also in the entire country. And if one desiresdto, they could even get involved in the actions of the conference.

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